Thursday, 24 September 2009

Truth Or Dare

Yes, I am pressing on with the novel...but slowly.


How many of us, I wonder, dare look to our shortcomings and face up to the home truths we are made to consider?

How many more of us, I wonder, act upon what we discover?


Mirror on the wall,
truth or dare?
Exposing us all

Mind, heart, soul
laid bare;
mirror on the wall

Pride before a fall
without a care,
exposing us all

Hurt of a Jekyll
in Hyde’s lair;
mirror on the wall

Let free voices call
but turn a deaf ear,
exposing us all?

Echoes in the hall,
any listener can hear;
Mirror on the wall,
exposing us all

[From: A Feeling For The Quickness Of Time by R. N. Taber, Assembly Books, 2005]

Friday, 18 September 2009

It's All About Taking Control

Sometimes well-meaning (and less well-meaning) people try to tell us how to live our lives. By all means, we should listen. But is our life, not theirs.

We should not let other people take over, but take control of our own lives…and the responsibility that comes with it.


Walking hand in hand
towards the edge of a day
that’s closing down,
monitor going to sleep
but not quite yet

Time to savour the fruits
of far kinder words selected
from friendly clouds
than spiteful mouth electing
to cause us hurt

Pink leaves above us
singing songs, balm to sores
of broken promises,
resurrecting hopes meant
save us

Pink hues scattering
like ripples on a pond once
a stone flung
to smash the circles,
kill the magic

Walking hand in hand
far beyond the edge of day
that’s closed down,
monitor gone to sleep
but for Re-start

Blackened leaves, weeping stars,
pink fingers tapping in to Venus

Copyright R. N. Taber 2009