Saturday, 14 September 2013

Words of Wisdom

Sadly there will always be prejudice and bigotry especially in some parts of the world that are slow to get real about Human Rights, but elsewhere as well. 

All we can do is lead by example, try to educate the less enlightened among the heterosexual majority in our own little corner of the world and trust that the ripples we make will spread, become waves and cross oceans. It has happened before, is happening even now and will always happen.

Yes, there will always be bigotry and prejudice but be sure it won’t always get its own way. People, on the whole, are better than that, although it may take more time than we would like for those some to realize that. Others, of course, like die-hard evangelicals and those repressive regimes around the world who put self-interest above common humanity, will always pursue their own agendas...that is, for as long as the rest of the world lets them get away with it.

We can but resist the worse aspects of life as best we can and try, each in our own way,  to live up to the legacy that every good parent leaves his or her their children - love. Love, in all its shapes and forms will see us through just about anything life throws at us.Sadly, some children miss out on that, but love is open all hours, we only have to make time to look and learn... if we so choose. (Something else my mother taught me and which, especially as someone with no partner to share the ups and downs of growing old - I am 70 now - I try to live up to in my heart and pass on in my poems.)

The best oral traditions are more than just stories, they are a legacy of love that - should we care to listen and learn - encourages us to bond with a common humanity and play our part, each in his and her own way.


There are words my mother told me
that, when feeling low, I always recall,
seize upon and cling to passionately,
opening up to the body, heart and soul

There are dreams my mother shared
that, when feeling low, I always recall;
knowing how much she really cared
keeps her near close, makes them real

There are principles my mother had
that, when feeling low, I always recall,
seeing the good in golks not the bad
though all humanity stumble and fall

There is bigotry my mother warned
that, when feeling low may, get to me;
the trick (she had its lesson learned)
is to cry inside, so no enemy will see

Keep the faith, my mother urged me
that, when feeling low. I always recall
on hearing colour-creed-sex-sexuality
make its case for heart-mind-body-soul

My mother passed away years ago,
but I often hear her whisper in my ears,
urging me to keep the faith and know
love is stronger than the worst of fears 

In those wise words my mother told me,
hear the cry of a common humanity

Copyright R. N. Taber 2008

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