Friday, 26 July 2013

Dark Side of the Sun OR Anatomy of Human Relationships

Several readers have been in touch to ask why second editions of my collections will only (eventually) be available as e-books. Copies don't sell well enough  these days to justify publication in print form. 

Poetry collections are rarely high on anyone’s wish list, and I don’t envisage any substantial change in the global economic situation for some years yet.


Even love has to compromise now and then, on which occasions its scales are inevitably unevenly balanced.

All relationships can be hard work from time to time as the heart feels its way through their darker side to a togetherness filled with light...   


I look in my mirror, see you
looking for me...
on the other side of Time,
recall other places,
kinder faces, where sorrow
disappears, your lips
on mine, two naked bodies
in the swim of life’s
finer joys, the once-again
summer of our years,
two brave hearts beating
as one

A cup of tea sure to ease me
into dawn's misty shine;
you prefer coffee, and we'll
share burnt toast,
walk a crooked line between
stains on the tablecloth,
lay bets on who can avoid
the most

A cheerful grin as choral din
breaks out (heaven on cue),
no sweeter sounds to sift us
through and through,
suffer me, suffer you, again
and again. Let it rain
or shine, embrace the day
with half-open eyes;
come pain, strife, tumble me
out of this earthy bed
where I'm learning to live
with your lies

Century racing on, all of us
hoping to win, anxious
to show we can, thoughts busy
winding in such rare strands
as ever came together, daring
to reach out for one another,
rewrite the poetry of separation
at Will-Be-Done

Dark side of the sun

Copyright R. N. Taber 1999; 2011

[Note: This poem has been slightly revised (2011) from an earlier version that first appeared in the anthology What Inspires Us, Poetry Now (Forward Press), 1999 and subsequently in 1st eds. of  Love And Human Remains, Assembly Books, 2001; 2nd (revised) e-edition in preparation.]


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