Friday, 28 December 2012

Proof of Life

Inspiration for life, love, hope, happiness…you name it…comes in many shapes and forms. But it's out there, folks, just waiting for us feel our way to it with mind, body and spirit, absorb its energy and let it go to work on our senses, including that old chestnut, sheer willpower. 

This poem is a kenning.


When people ask who I am,
I tell them to look within themselves
and to each other, perhaps
uncover those mysteries that haunt us
as we journey through life...
How came we here, why, going where?
Questions on the lips, reason
at the inner ear brooking yet more,
answers found wanting

When people ask who I am
I tell them to look around, take in all
they see, feel, need to explain,
justify or change (but how?) perhaps
expecting me to provide
the cure for a sick world, solutions
to its failing societies,
religions losing sight of a vocation
to reunite whom they divide

When people ask who I am,
I tell them to learn the body language
of family, friends, workmates
in the staff room, complete strangers
at bus stops, commuters on trains,
probe those subtle discrepancies between
what we say and what we mean;
stop playing a political correctness game,
give truth its proper name

Who am I? I am the philosopher
that defines who you are

[From: Accomplices to Illusion by R. N. Taber, Assembly Books, 2007]

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