Thursday, 14 April 2016

Contemporaneity, Shades of Misperception

This Age of Technology is also an Information Age with information available to us at the press of a button. How much of this, though, is reliable or even correct? Although it is a good 50+ years since I left school, I well recall being taught how to discriminate fact from speculation, points of view from an extended imagination which only just falls short of pure fiction.

Often, I hear people tell me they like to speak their minds, and I am all for it. More often than not, though, they are repeating parrot fashion something they have heard or read about with which they happen to relate; relating, however, and agreeing are not the same thing. We need to investigate further in order to reach an informed conclusion.

While many of us have strong opinions on various subjects, we need to respect that others may agree to differ. Better still, we need to be able to support out opinions with information gained from reliable sources. At the same time, we should not dig our heels in to such an extent that we cannot be drawn into alternative arguments which may lead us to reach an altogether different conclusion.

If a closed mind is a dull mind, an open mind is a lively one although sitting on the proverbial fence is not an option and we need to feel confident about deciding where we stand, and be prepared to be counted; that way, the human animal remains free and uncaged by misleading information or propaganda.


I will crush you in my grip,
oh, but slowly, relishing the torment
of each victim fallen
into a trap of his or her own making
but deserving better (perhaps?)
than finding me there, rendering
any bid for freedom
no more or less than a pathetic
waste of time

If I show mercy now and then,
be sure it is but part of a darker design
intended to give
more false an impression even
than I gave you,
who thought you knew your self
far better than I
and (like many a loser) misjudged
the enemy

Like others who enjoy another’s pain
I shall relish reminding you time and again
of what it is you have do me
that has given you to me like a sacrifice
to Gods of Desire
having their wicked ways with you,
only to toss your remains
where I wait to chew away at live flesh
on the bones

Call me Misperception; room for pity 
in societies feeding on the likes of me

Copyright R. N. Taber 2010

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