Monday, 2 March 2015

Something to be said for Karma

It is only human nature to worry about life's unknown factors, especially when they directly concern us and we have little or no control over either their presence or potential development.  A few years ago, I started worrying about a lesion on my leg as to whether it might be skin cancer or a sign of diabetes or whatever…until I fancied I could hear my mother whispering one of her favourite sayings in my ear, ‘If you worry, you’ll die and if you don’t worry, you’ll still die one day so…why worry?’

My GP referred me to a dermatologist and a shot of liquid nitrogen did the trick. No cancer there.

I wrote this little poem at the time and returned to it when I first discovered I have prostate cancer in February 2011. It’s not a particularly good poem (what is a ‘good’ poem, anyway?) but has proven very therapeutic. I can still hear my mother’s voice in my ear expressing approval. (She died of cancer in 1976)


Worry, worry, worry,
will get us nowhere at all;
worry, worry, worry,
and we’re heading for a fall;
positive thinking
is the only way to go
before worry, worry, worry,
hits an all-time low

Worry, worry, worry,
gets our knickers in a twist;
worry, worry, worry,
(far too many woes to list);
a positive thinker
is the only kind to be
since worry, worry, worry,
won’t ever set us free

Worry, worry, worry,
and life is sure to pass us by,
all the best things in life
between earth, sea and sky;
positive thinking
(easy enough to say)
unites mind, body and spirit,
brings each into play

Worry, worry, worry,
and we’ll surely die one day
(when, who’s to say?)
so come, let’s make hay…
A positive thinker
is the only kind to be
since worry, worry, worry
won’t ever set us free

Copyright R. N. Taber 2011; 2015

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