Monday, 11 August 2014

Plight of the Yazidis OR Another Bloody Stain on the Landscape of Religion

[Update: May 2018:The plight of the Yazidi people continues...]

[Update: November 15th 2015: The Yazidi people continue to suffer indescribable atrocities at the
hands of the cowardly murderers calling themselves Islamic State. Iraqi Kurds have retaken Sinjar from IS so there is light at the end of the tunnel for this minority group, at least for now. Out hearts go out to them and hopes that these I S psychopaths will eventually be wiped from the face of the earth as they deserve.]

Tens of thousands of Yazidis - mostly women and children - were forced to flee to Mount Sinjar, in north-west Iraq when the militant Islamic State (formerly ISIS) recently overran the Sinjar region.

The Yazidis have been surrounded by the militants for days in blistering heat, and with little food or water. Many have died. Thanks to the actions of the Kurdish peshmerga forces and US air strikes targeting the militants, many have now been able to cross into Syria and return to Kurdistan, but many others remain trapped. 

There have been reports of anyone refusing to convert to Islam being summarily executed by Islamic State, taken into slavery, and even buried alive.

All religious fundamentalists are a disgrace to their religion and to humanity. When will they ever learn...?

[Update, May 3rd 2015: Thousands of Yazidi men, woman and children have been massacred by so-called 'Islamic State' in northern Iraq.  Yet, acts of such appalling abuse against humanity and Islam continue to attract followers, especially among young, disaffected Muslims across Europe. ]


Victims of a radical Islamic obsession
men, women and children, no safe haven,
under siege on a mountain

Misunderstood by many for centuries
(a common perception, devil worshippers)
a veil over the world’s eyes

Defiant, proud, pursued into the glare
of a sorry world’s shortcomings and media,
focusing on their terror

Islamic State (ISIS) as dark a force as evil,
rallying to a flag as black as any terror-devil
might well raise at will

World, wringing its hands at their misery,
does what it can, little enough for the Yazidi
children of the century

Islamic State, swathe of horrific obsession,
raping body, mind and spirit of a pure religion,
impregnating a generation

London, August 11th 2014

Copyright R. N. Taber 2014

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