Sunday, 31 August 2014

Close Encounters with Dark Forces OR Getting the Better of Despair

Reading a newspaper, watching or listening to the News these days is enough to make the strongest spirit wilt.

We could be forgiven for thinking the world is terminally ill.  Yet, the human spirit has wrestled with dark forces since the beginning of time and remains essentially undefeated; bowed, even cowed sometimes, but for all the battles it may lose, it will always win the war…one way or another.

Rogue elements of human nature kind may do their worst, but - to misquote a line from Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice - the quality of human goodness is not strained, but falls like the gentle rain from heaven upon the place beneath…


Darkness coiling around,
a wintry wind hissing at the ears,
the world like a snake poised to strike,
confusion suckling its fears

Black sky descending,
a shroud on battered mind and body,
wishful thinking cowering in a corner,
inner eye straining to see

Huge puffballs threatening
to smother even Hope’s weak breath,
as she struggles with a near blind spirit
to outwit an untimely death

Suddenly, out of nowhere,
a winking, blinking star appears,
unnerving the snake, nurturing mind
and body with history’s tears

Revived by its light, touched
by a centuries-old enduring lust
for survival, inner eye recovers its sight,
time triumphing over dust

Pin-pricks of light in the black,
challenges gathering momentum,
calling on the spirit to stir its host body,
and find its way back home

Copyright R. N. Taber 2014

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