Saturday, 14 June 2014

Free Spirit, Beautiful Mind

We hear speak of a common humanity for which a common denominator has to be love. [Well, doesn’t it?] so whatever happened to either in the global scale of things?

There is much love in the world so how about we start sharing it out more fairly and cease discriminating against those of whose social, sexual, political, religious or cultural identity happens to be quite different from our own. 

As I have said so many times on the blogs, one person’s take on another person’s differences, works both ways. Being different, though, does not make us right or wrong, only human.

Religious fundamentalists need to keep in mind that the God of their religion created all humankind in His (or Her) image not theirs. The arrogance of these people...


Love embraces all that is beautiful,
(doves of peace winging freely);
London, New York, Baghdad, Kabul,
anxious not to be seen its enemy

Love stands for all that is beautiful
(doves of peace drinking its tears);
London, New York, Baghdad, Kabul
prey to a world feasting on its fears

In love we are beautiful, made whole
(doves of peace never discriminate);
London, New York, Baghdad, Kabul,
making a show of demonizing hate

Love, a fair measure of the shortfall
in life cultures, religions, politics;
London, New York, Baghdad, Kabul,
(adrenalin junkies looking for a fix)

Love, bitter-sweeter fruit of Creation,
a freedom of heavens, earth and sea,
laughter and tears, hell and salvation,
defining (and redefining) humanity

Wherever life persuasions under fire,
love may lose battles, but not the war

Copyright R. N. Taber, 2009

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