Monday, 19 May 2014

Ghost, a Posthumous Consciousness

I believe in ghosts just as I believe in an all-embracing posthumous consciousness or presence to which each of us contributes and in which everyone plays his or her part in a spiritual dimension that does not even recognise so has no need to measure any human concept of time. I do not mean 'spiritual' in any religious sense either, but in a far wider, more inclusive sense and continuum than it strikes me any 'closed shop' religion can offer.


I have sat with the great
at a round table chewing flesh
off bones

I have fought at battles
won and lost, let vultures pick
the bones

I engage with political
and religious leaders disputing
old bones

I’ve been good and bad,
done right and wrong for a bag
of bones

I have shared a beggar’s
patch, withering looks freezing
the bones

I have lain in The Road,
felt the wheels of time crushing
my bones

I urge the young to read
(and learn) from the home truths
in our bones 

I urge the old to be heard,
breathe fire for the next phoenix

Copyright R. N. Taber 2014

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