Monday, 3 March 2014

Spring Magic

It has been a long, dull,wet  winter here in the UK so I thought I’d write something cheerful.  The poem is a little whimsical perhaps, but regular readers will know that I ‘do’ whimsy quite often.

Now, early March is hardly spring, but at least we can kid ourselves it’s just around the corner.

Besides, we have only to let the inner eye stray to some once-upon-a-springtime, and it’s here again already.

Thank goodness for the power of imagination, memory, positive thinking, and the spiritual quality of humankind’s more discerning affinity with nature.


As I paused by a tree,
I saw it weeping for me;
bad times, hard times,
ever-haunting back roads
of my memory

As I paused by a tree
I heard it laughing at me,
for ever dwelling
on darker, wintry, aspects
of my history

As I paused by a tree,
I heard it singing for me
while opening up
a gift-wrapped box of delights
we call memory

As I paused by a tree,
it covered me with kisses
of faery blossom,
working spring magic, life-force
of all history

As I paused by a tree,
leafy skies swooped on me
and spring cleaned
the darker, wintry, corners
of my memory

As I passed by a tree,
I heard it gaily cheering me
for moving on,
a new spring in every step
making history

Copyright R. N. Taber 2014

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