Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The Heart Expects

I wish you all peace and love for 2014 and beyond. In the absence of peace, may love comfort you and see you through to better times.

Oh, and in the (apparent) absence of love…?

Think again, for love isn’t just for lovers. Look harder, and perhaps closer to home….


Old year done and dusted,
a new one begins;
troubles, regrets, even sins
like blades of grass
beneath a layer of snow,
kept by nature from
growing before their time
till spring again...
its bitter-sweet harvest
of expectation, sown
and nurtured with loving care,
only to be found wanting,
an uncertain future left to face,
caught fast between rock
and hard place, confronted
with love v life under
threat of this or that heaven’s
well-honed knife

Laughter lines exposed
for half lies…
a whitening of the hair
as snowflakes
falling on a looking glass,
one for each trouble,
regret, even sin, conspiring
with Earth Mother
to let the grass grow again,
inspired to sing
about love, peace, joy,
and harmony
of sorts among nature’s own,
while confronting
yet another year of irony
heaped upon irony
by an inclusive humanity
deserving better

Copyright R. N. Taber 2008

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