Monday, 13 January 2014

Love, Getting the Better of its Nemeses

Who cannot, in one way or another, relate to a love poem? 

Personal though they may be for the poet, love poems are (like love) for everyone whatever their colour, creed, sex or sexuality...

Love is not only timeless in the sense that it exists within the human psyche forever in the form of remembrance, it has the capacity for rising above any prejudice or whatever thrown at it for reasons best known to the its nemeses. 

Spring showers, ever overtaking us 
like hours in a day,
recalling a Once-Upon-A-Time 
we let love have its way

Summer storms, ever overtaking us
like months, years,
since first we dared kiss as lovers 
through bitter-sweet tears

Autumn leaves, pausing as they pass
to write songl lyrics
about lovers the whole world over
disproving cynics and clerics

Dead leaves, drifting past my window,
trees (for now) bare…
signs that even cock robin’s bravado
cannot deny winter is here

Nature, a mirror to our every season;
love, even by time, never overtaken

Copyright R. N. Taber 2009

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