Thursday, 19 September 2013

Making a Difference, the Upbeat Heart

You don’t have to be in the media spotlight to influence people, even society, for the better; big or small, every contribution counts and we can all make one.

Setting a good example can make a big difference; it may start off as a small ripple on a BIG pond, but it will spread. Much the same can be said for setting a bad example, of course, and we would all do well to remember that. At the same time, in various socio-cultural-religious respects, different people have different takes on what constitutes good and bad. I guess all we can do is engage with and trust our better, kinder, instincts. (At least the meaning of kindness is universally understood if not always much in evidence.)

Ah, but if we can see a ripple spread, we rarely get to see what difference our words and everyday behavior make. Take good manners for example; they seem to have gone out of the window here in recent years, but just saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to someone may well encourage them to do the same and so on, making more of us feel just that little bit better, even hopeful that this sorry world of ours might also take a turn for the better any time soon. Our differences, too, can make a difference to the much divided world in which we live and its splintered pulling together and creating a better world to pass on to those who deserve better.

This (revised) poem is a kenning. Like many of my later poems, this one is the more mature version of an earlier piece. So why publish the earlier piece? Well, it seemed a good idea at the time, and like many good ideas feedback has since shaped it into something much the same yet significantly different. 


How will it all end,
if they have their way, clerics
and politicians pulling me  
in all directions?
Will some fallen angel
pick on me and drag me away
or will a gentler spirit
have mercy, find a place for me
come Judgment Day?

Shall wolfish death
delight in tearing us apart
or strike swiftly
and cleanly at the human heart,
lost doves find their way,  
defy infernal dark, fly eternal light
or (conveniently) consigned
to mythology, out of human mind
and history’s sight

Not ours to know the how,
where, or when, but be glad to give,
learn, unite in Love and Peace
than passively wait Death’s turn
with us while our ‘betters’
play politics with common sense,
and the better, kinder, part
of human nature gets on with making
all the difference

I am that up-beat of the human heart
that gives humanity a head start

Copyright R. N. Taber 2004; 2013

[Note: This poem has been substantially revised from an earlier version published in 1st editions of The Third Eye by R. N. Taber, Assembly Books, 2004 - of which a 2nd (revised) e-edition is in preparation - and subsequently in Ygdrasil:, a Journal of the Poetic Arts, May 2006.]

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