Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Fruit of the Acorn, Children of the Oak

Update (July 22 2016): Today is Prince William's 3rd birthday. (See the last photo below.)


Whatever their feelings about the monarchy, only a killjoy would not wish HRH Prince William, Catherine and family happiness.

The formative years for any child are so important, the greater influence on these being the home environment. As privileged or poor as that environment may be, the child growing up among those who love and care for him or her, while respecting his or her right to develop as an individual, will always have the greater chance of discovering and tasting the sweeter fruits of life. Let’s face it. Few of us will never get to taste its sourer fruits.

Royal children don't have easy lives. Constantly in the public eye they have to learn to juggle private and public pleasures and responsibilities. (I, for one, would hate that.)

As for the common accusations regarding wealth and privilege, every child deserves the best life has to offer. Given that we all want and/or expect different things from life, I suspect more of us achieve this than first glances often suggest.  It is never a good idea (or fair) to make comparisons.

HRH Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Prince George as a baby (Internet)

[Update May 2nd 2015: The Duchess of Cambridge has gone into labour with her second child this morning, and was admitted to St Mary's Hospital, London, at 6:00 am. + It's a girl! Born just after 8:30am.] (RT)
Photo of Prince George and proud dad released just prior to his 2nd birthday (Internet)

 HRH Duke of and Duchess of Cambridge with new baby daughter, Charlotte (Internet)

HRH Prince George and Princess Charlotte, 2015; photo taken by their mother. (Internet)

Family photo, Christmas 2015 [Internet]

Prince George at 3 years-old (July 22 2016)

        (written at the birth of Prince George)

Fair of face and born to be king,
(world’s cue for love and peace)
in a millennium, itself, a seedling

On him, nature’s every blessing,
to loved ones, a rare happiness;
fair of face and born to be king

For him, let nations unite to sing
(a fine lyric for love and peace)
in a millennium, itself, a seedling

No matter what time’s tides bring,
may his be a spirit of openness;
fair of face and born to be king

For a long, happy, life bells ring,
lifting hearts to love and peace
in a millennium, itself, a seedling

Come a private or public viewing,
may his heart beat true, at ease;  
fair of face, and born to be king
in a millennium, itself, a seedling

[London: July, 2013]

Copyright R. N. Taber 2013

[Note: For the benefit of anyone unfamiliar with it,  'Fair of face' is from the old rhyme, 'Monday's child is fair of face...']

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