Thursday, 28 June 2012

A Day In the Life Of An Ordinary Joe

My maternal grandfather was a delightful, rascal of a man who fought in World War1 and shared a good few ups and downs with my grandmother until he died peacefully in his sleep in 1969. I once confided in him that I felt so frustrated because I wasn’t doing anything with my life.

‘No doing anything with your life?’ he retorted. “You’re getting on with it, aren’t you? What more can anyone do?’

I guess granddad was also something of a philosopher in his own inimitable way...


On a long, long road

Clouds, gathering
for a storm

People, clutching rolled umbrellas
as if for dear life

Children, forgotten
how to play

Parents, frightened
of failing

Sunlight, persuading ghosts to write
a Book of Shadows

Thin, polluted air
up the nose

Sounds of battle
in the ears 

World leaders playing cat and mouse
with private lives

Copyright R. N. Taber 2010

[Note: This poem does not appear in my collections, but I plan to include it in a final collection - Diary of a Time Traveller - to be published in 2015 when I will hit 70 years of age.]

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