Thursday, 14 May 2015

L-O-V-E, Logo for Life

Whatever our colour, creed, sex or sexuality, of all the choices we choose to confirm in life, the most important has to be love…


Choose love
for the comfort of old slippers
once rejected for smacking
of growing old, nor (quite) ready
to concede the case
for a comfortable shoe   
replacing the ever toe-pinching
designer variety

Choose love,
rejecting the nagging loneliness
of one-upmanship,
a sense of always having to prove
something to someone
(if not everyone) - everything
a must have, must do, must not
go without

Choose love
among its many shapes and forms;
never discriminate,
but take each at face value,
no trying to shape it
after a fashion to satisfy
some selfish desire that chances
losing it altogether

Choose love;
heat the body by its eternal flame,
be guided by a light
as reassuring to its acolytes
conspiring to customise
time and space with its logo
as that in any swallow’s nature
fleeing winter

Copyright R. N. Taber 2012; 2015

[Note: This poem was previously published on the bog as 'Choose Love' (2012) and has since been revised.]  

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