Saturday, 30 May 2015

An Affinity with the Spiritual Nature of Ancient Woodlands

Where Earth Mother has held a mirror to human nature for centuries, it is small wonder that even great artists struggle to capture glimpses of its reflection, relying on the inner eye to explore its similes and metaphors just as a space probe might home in on moon craters…


Leafy dome, a spread of crystal prisms;
like a familiar cheek deflecting its tears

Stained glassiness, images of a sunset;
pink flesh betraying shades of ageing

Moon, shining through, beacon of hope;
human spirit anxious for inspiration

Stars, drawing on mythology and religion
to engage the human mind’s potential

Clouds, siding with the world’s sceptics
shaping like endings to like beginnings

Dome, engaging with our metamorphoses,
inciting we creative dreamers to waken

Glassiness, flushed with dawn’s promises;
pink flesh, responding to nature’s kisses

Birdsong, like distant bells ringing changes;
humanity, left trailing old gods and new

Between earth and sky, our time and space;
to each of us, a prism (some call it Heaven)

Copyright R. N. Taber 2015

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