Saturday, 25 October 2014

A Collective Responsibility OR In the Footsteps of Ghosts

Any tears in the ozone layer will not mend themselves unless we all become more pollution conscious... worldwide.

Those leading politicians, with fingers in various Big Business pies, may well choose to play down the long-term effects of polluting the planet, but need to cut the rhetoric and act NOW or risk plunging future generations into an Armageddon scenario…


In the rain, an acid rain, you’re there
sharing the burden of my despair

Let the world roll out another century,
consigning us to memory,
clouds forbid the sun and heavens weep;
in my dark, your light I’ll keep,
till this mere flesh no more can stand
and Death lends us a hand
as through a graveyard in a gentle rain
we ghosts will walk and talk again

In the rain, an acid rain, you’re there,
sharing the burden of my despair

Though our world blast into infinity,
consigning us to the galaxy,
yet seedlings shall survive, endure
in Mother Nature's loving care
till songbirds, in time, return
to the killing fields of Everyman,
redeem a so-sorry history of acid rain
till humankind ghost us yet again

In the rain, an acid rain, we’re here
sharing the burden of their despair

Copyright R. N. Taber 2007; 2014

[Note: An earlier version of this poem appears as ‘Easing the Burden’ in 1st eds. of Accomplices to Illusion by R. N. Taber, Assembly Books, 2007; revised edition in e-format in preparation.]

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