Wednesday, 11 June 2014

A Seasonal Magic

Some years ago,  I confided to friend (always an inspiration) on his 80th birthday that I sometimes felt scared of growing old. The lively 80 year-old in question told me not to worry. ‘Me, I think of myself as a tree going through its seasons, time after time, every one different and each, in its own way, as magical as any that have gone before,’ he said with a wry grin. .

‘What about winter?’ I asked sceptically.  

‘Time to enjoy a good rest and conserve our energy for whatever (or whoever) may be just around the next corner,’ came the unhesitating reply.

‘What if there’s no one and nothing?’ I persisted.

My elderly friend threw back his head and roared. ‘Well, if you’re that much of a pessimist it’s probably no more than you deserve.’

We both laughed, and I have never feared growing old since.

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Often, as spring is fading,
I spot a face in clouds I know well,
as sure as a late lark working
the magic of its ages-old spell

Often, as summer is fading,
I hear a voice in my ears I know well,
as sure as a fine rain seducing
the trees with its ages-old spell

Often, as autumn is fading,
I feel caresses on my skin I know well,
as sure as a fair wind rising
to Earth Mother’s ages-old spell

Often, as winter is falling,
I surrender to an embrace I know well,
as sure as home fires reworking
what passes for an ages-old spell

Where a season’s colours fading
like the dream we knew only too well,
other lovers are discovering
the magic of its ages-old spell

[From: Tracking the Torchbearer by R. N. Taber, Assembly Book, 2012]

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