Monday, 24 June 2013

Dawn to Dusk OR Unfinished Symphony

Reader ‘Sofia’ once requested this little poem for her nephew ‘Daryl’ and his wife ‘Sara’ who was expecting a baby in a few weeks. She said,  ‘I love this poem because the first time I read it I was pregnant with my first child and it helped me and my husband to put aside any first-time parent fears and concentrate on being happy.’

Daryl and Sara have since been in touch to say the poem worked in much the same way for them too.

Wow, nice one!

This poem is a villanelle.


Birth, a rising Gloria
to sense and sensibility;
hymn to Earth Mother

Its music lasts forever,
from womb into history;
birth, a rising Gloria

Hand on heart, together
vie for the sweeter agony;
hymn to Earth Mother

Inner voices clamour
for the mind’s supremacy;
birth, a rising Gloria

A poem of endeavour,
each line lent to eternity;
hymn to Earth Mother

Time, but the composer
of an unfinished symphony;
birth, a rising Gloria,
hymn to Earth Mother

Copyright R N. Taber 2009

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