Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Zen of Personal Space

Sometimes we get lost in a scary, all but surreal landscape of conflicting emotions through which we cannot see our way clear to any safe haven. 

At such times, we need to call upon the inner self to step back from it all, create our own space, set mind, body and spirit free of temporal concerns just long enough to at least draw us a map that will guide us back into the real world..


Looking for a shortcut to nowhere,
found a pretty little road
that turned out to be nothing more
than a dead end at a ring of dark water,
no way round

Tossing stones in a ring of dark water,
nothing much else to do
but watch ever-widening circles
pass out of sight like poetic  shadows
in a weepy, leafy, light

Among poetic shadows in a leafy light,
a face darting in and out
like the Cheshire Cat in a classic take
on escapism from the chaos of our reality
into sheer pandemonium

No escape, only ever-widening circles
across a ring of dark water,
subject to the swing of a human arm,
measure of a human eye, raging of a beast
left impotent by despair

Surely, plaintive cries growing weaker
like ripples on a ring of dark water
chasing The Cat into the same nowhere
that’s begging a shortcut, respite for mind,
body, and spirit

Mind, body, and spirit engaging with time
to suss the integrity of  imagination,
let ripples in a leafy light lent us by whim
or other of nature suggest a way yet to cross
a ring of dark water

Copyright R. N. Taber 2013

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