Saturday, 23 March 2013


One of my poems begins with the line, ‘I care not for the world as it is now…’.I never said or wrote a truer word. But living in the world is one thing, how we get on with our lives is something else.

We can but try and make our private world a better, kinder, happier place, while hoping some of it will rub off on at least some of those with far more say in world affairs than us so that the world, too, may become a better, kinder, happier place.

Yes, well, wishful thinking perhaps...


Once a bird flew to my window sill
and sung its song for me,
spreading peace, love, and goodwill
as far as the inner eye can see;
over hills, forests, deserts, far away
to lands where little can grow,
and people going hungry every day
while others prefer not to know

As I listened to the bird on my sill,
its song touched my heart
with such peace, love and goodwill
(it saw through me from the start.)
What can we do for the world as it is?
(little enough, it’s true)
but if a bird can prick our consciences,
there has to be more we can do

I watched the bird fly up and away
on wings of that song I’ll hear
as I take in the world News every day
in the comfort of my armchair…
What can I do for the world as it is?
(little enough, it’s true)
but if a bird can prick its conscience,
there’s hope yet for me and you

Copyright R. N. Taber 2008

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