Thursday, 28 February 2013

Memo From Earth Mother

My thanks go to all of you who have been in touch to ask how I am getting on with my prostate cancer as first diagnosed in February 2011. Well, I saw my consultant yesterday and the news is very encouraging. The hormone therapy continues to do its job and my cancer remains at bay.

Oh, but  I will have a cataract removed from my right eye tomorrow so may not be adding to my blogs for a short while as I plan to keep computer use to a minimum in the early days while the eye settles down. I have to confess to being a shade nervous, but my best friend is taking a day’s leave from work to come to the hospital with me for which I am very grateful as I will need some moral support.  As I live alone, I’m a little nervous about coping during the immediate days following the cataract procedure, but I dare say I will cope. (Do I have a choice?)


Regular readers will be well aware of my passion for nature. Beautiful and inspiring in all its moods, dare I say that nature also reminds us of (mirrors even) our own strengths and shortcomings…?


Grieving cliffs

Telling tragic tales
of grief and pain,
souls wracked on a wheel
that turns, turns,
and turns again until a time
all human misery
is shaped into pretty poetry.
all the better
for posterity and the ears
of youth than… truth

Stoic cliffs

Battered by wind, rain,
and sea,
keeping faith with a wheel
that turns, turns,
and turns again until a time
all humanity
is pressed like souvenir leaves
into well-worn pages
of science and spirituality
competing for… truth

Splendid cliffs

Bold, fantastic canvases
for sun and stars
to work the art of a wheel
that turns, turns,
and turns again until a time
all humanity
assumes the savagery and  guile
of an animal world,
its conscience and survival
said to rest on…truth

Coming at me…

Shadows across the mind
(people - friendly giants)
treading some Great Wheel
that turns, turns,
and turns again, until a time
fairy tale and myth
ally themselves with  history
in a Hall of Mirrors
reflecting its uses and abuses
of power and…truth?

Almighty cliffs, stark reminders
of life, death, and home truths

Copyright R. N. Taber 2013 

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