Sunday, 16 December 2012

Insider-Outsider OR Mist on the Glass

Sometimes we are reluctant to look too closely at happy memories because they hurt too much just for knowing they are but memories. Even so, never underestimate the lasting power of happiness. When the going gets tough, it is never far away but waiting in the wings to prompt our every move…once invited to do so.

Yes, happy times can never be relived in quite the same way. But they are always there fro us, urging us to explore our capacity for happiness. It is this that inspires the happiest hours of our lives and will continue to do so, provided we let it.

When loved ones die, we miss them terribly and memories can never compensate for the physical pain of missing their presence in our lives. But such happiness is a shared experience. We were happy to spend time with them because they were happy to spend time with us. Each cared about the other’s happiness and well-being. We should never stop caring but seek out new ways of being happy and making other people happy. So things will never be the same. Life’s like that.

Happiness - like love - comes in all shapes and forms. Let good times that have passed away and seem beyond reach inspire our present, not inhibit it… and the future will invariably make room for more.

If your window on happiness seems misted up...set to and give it a good clean, yeah?


This poem is a villanelle. 


Through a misty window pane
set in a red brick wall,
I'll softly tread now and again

I glimpse familiar faces, strain
to hear them call
through a misty window pane

A kaleidoscope of spring rain
touching us all,
I'll softly tread now and again 

Oh, to catch up with love again,
follow its trail…
though a misty window pane!

A mirror to choice, loss, or gain,
(making us look big or small);
I'll softly tread now and again

Who turns down Memory Lane
risks going into free fall;
through a misty window pane,
I'll softly tread now and again

Copyright R. N. Taber 2009

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