Thursday, 25 October 2012

A Strictly Private Viewing

Today’s poem has not appeared on the blog since 2009. It first appeared in a Forward Press anthology, Poetry Rivals, 2009: Lyrical Winds and subsequently in my collection.

Now, dreams are often seen as an intrusion into our personal space, but personal space comprises conscious and unconscious thought. I see dreams as affording us a strictly private viewing of it, taking in all those parts that comprise the whole; reality, illusion, ego, home truths, denial, wishful thinking...etc. etc.

How we interpret dreams and may or may not let them influence us for better or worse...well, that's called choice.


Cartoon faces moving across my sky
like a home movie;
I close tired eyes to push them away
but they haunt my mind;
happy faces, sad faces, tearful faces,
lips mouthing my name;
familiar, faintly familiar, some skeletal
expressions breaking out

Past, present, wishful thinking signals
to the brain to shut down
but they have logged on, not ready yet
to turn me off;
lies, half lies, bad errors of judgement
like some grotesque mob
up for rough justice for want of answers
I don’t have, never did;
monstrous accusations and insinuations
fall like bird droppings
on a statue’s public profile, frozen in time,
trapped in its own failings

I hear a distant cry, an echo of centuries
in pain, anger and grief
for all private lives and a personal space
relegated to speculation
new faces, clear signals, warning off
Conspirators to Nightmare,
put expressions of defeat to rout, deleted
like redundant icons on a screen;
benign spirits enough to grace a totem pole
take control, cast out
demons let slip past a kinder humanity
by an unforgiving hierarchy

Eyes open, eyes shut. Sky relays to pillow
the many faces of love;
we sleep, we awaken to direct and star
in our own reality peep-show

Copyright R. N. Taber 2010

[Note: This poem first appeared under the title 'A Penny to See the Peep-Show in On the Battlefields of Love by R. N. Taber, Assembly Books, 2010]

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