Sunday, 29 July 2012


I loved listening to Dusty Springfield from her time as a relatively demure looking young woman with The Springfields to her days at the top of her professional tree, by which time she has acquired all the sophistication and charisma of a pop icon.

Who cares that Dusty was a lesbian?  Has a person’s sexuality anything to do with his or her ability to perform in any genre or our appreciation of it and them?  All I can say is it is a very narrow-minded, bigoted person that answers ‘yes’ to that question. 

My being a Dusty fan has nothing to do with the gay ethic and everything to do with her talent and my eternal gratitude to her for having shared it with millions of us fans around the world..

Dusty is greatly missed by many while her distinctive voice will surely continue to enchant and lift our spirits to dizzy heights for many years to come.

Photo: Dusty Springfield 


Among the greats of pop history,
songbird flying high,
a much-loved legend called Dusty

Eyes like a picture postcard sea
voice like an angel’s cry,
among the greats of pop history

Drawn to Soul’s darker mystery
(tears in a wistful sky...)
a much-loved legend called Dusty

Find gay and charismatic artistry
chancing passion’s die
among the greats of pop history

Where passion’s fruits fall but softly
as dreams pass by,
a much-loved legend called Dusty

In a wintry mist we call immortality,
rediscover summer’s fire;
among the greats of pop history,
a legend called Dusty

Copyright R. N. Taber 2012

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