Sunday, 29 April 2012

Dirt Track

I wrote today’s poem especially to accompany and read over the video below that I have just uploaded to my YouTube channel. If the video here does not play, go to:

or visit: 

Continuing my best friend Graham’s snapshot of Wiltshire, he takes us from the Gothic splendour of Salisbury cathedral to the natural beauty of the Cheddar Gorge; this is the first of three videos which we hope will give you a feel for the Gorge and its splendid views. Yes, he could have waited for a sunny day, but we both feel that a gathering storm is more atmospheric.

The poem attempts to covey something of the intimate relationship between the human condition and the natural world. I will post poem and video on my blog as previous feedback suggests that some of you cannot access YouTube directly.

Two further videos of the Cheddar Gorge (and poems) will follow during the course of this week once editing is completed. [We had hoped to combine all there videos into one, but the resulting file proved too big for my pc and it crashed.]


I found myself trudging a dirt track,
my world, splitting at the seams,
not caring if no way back,
nothing there but shattered dreams

Wearily negotiating mud and stones,
my world, a lonely, empty space,
mind, spirit and aching bones
closed to the poetry of time and space

Suddenly, the track began to open out
my world, opening up as if on cue,
unfriendly ghosts put to rout
by Earth Mother looming into view

Firmly, yet kindly she grasped my arm
and led me through time and space,
glad captive of a fickle charm
returning me to poetry’s birthplace,

I had neither the heart nor will to resist,
but submitted to all she asked of me,
to all I hadn’t known I’d missed
more still the inner eye had yet to see

My world no longer split at the seams,
I am resolved to find my way back,
share these brave new dreams
the Poetry of Life set me back on track

Copyright R. N. Taber 2012

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