Monday, 10 April 2017

Nature, Powerhouse of Secrets

We may like to think we live in an open society, yet behind closed doors thrive secrets of all kinds, not least the human kind.

Open or less open, the world’s societies (human and natural) - along with its various communities and families - have nurtured a whole world of secrets since the beginning of time .

For better or worse, appearances are invariably deceptive. 


I have heard a spring rain
cajole the world open up to us
a whole world of secrets

I have heard leafy sunshine
serenade flowers with summers
overflowing with secrets

I have heard autumnal hues 
reassuring all the world’s lovers
of keeping their secrets

I have heard a wintry wind
express every intention to expose 
even the best kept secrets

Between its womb and tomb,
peace of mind forced into hiding
by a whole world of secrets

Copyright R. N. Taber 2017

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