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Visitors to the UK who have now returned to Australia have asked me to repeat the post/poem that accompanies one of the Avebury videos on my You Tube channel. It appears they enjoyed visiting Avebury with English relatives who later showed them the channel, but for some reason cannot access it now they are back home.

I have always been fascinated by ancient history so was delighted that Graham chose to pay special attention to the magnificent stones that comprise Avebury Henge. Of, but the tales the stones have to tell!  [Discover more about Avebury Henge on Wikipedia.]

Readers who can access You Tube may prefer to click on the direct link:

OR any readers can view the video below.

We felt that a build-up to the poem might help give the viewer something of a feel for these incredible icons of ancient times which is why it comes in later than in other clips.

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Where some may but marvel at old stones,
the inner eye discerns far more,
history restoring dead flesh to its bones,
relating times past, creating folklore

We can but ask how the circle came to be,
search within the stones for an answer,
discern (or imagine) stark images of history,
walk away enthralled if little wiser

Look, read in the stones tales of long ago;
everyday lives, everyday ways
of making love, fighting wars, baking dough,
whatever tune each piper's sponsor pays

Splendid creations of sun, wind and rain,
secrets hidden in ageless metaphors;
Earth Mother's diary of her grief and pain
for humanity's neglect of its sores

Oh, omnipresent monoliths marking time
until Armageddon strikes the Earth;
love poems made to surrender their rhyme,
reason fighting madness for all its worth

Yet, whatever the future has in store for us,
be sure lessons are and will be written
in brave stones such as these by its survivors
to engage with humanity and pass on

Henge, the poetry, power and magnificence
of a ravaged Earth's sacrifices to existence

Copyright R. N. Taber 2011; 2016

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