Friday, 16 September 2016

A Gardener's Tale

Every child is special just as every child is different; the same might be said for most if not all living things, each and every one with certain characteristics defining its individuality.

My mother loved gardening. She saw herself as foster mother to the plants, flowers and wildlife she took under her wing. "It's much like bringing up a family," she once commented wryly, "they give far more pleasure for pleasure's own sake than by way of any compensating for what's best forgotten..."

This poem is a villanelle.


Proudly, much like a lover,
a flowering of its time like no other,
creating a living border

Watching it grow, mature,
as per laissez-faire of Earth Mother;
proudly, much like a lover

Every second, minute, hour,
dreams to share in, store and nurture,
creating a living border

Mixed emotions undercover
yet rising to every occasion (whatever)
proudly, much like a lover

A pupil-apprentice to nature,
the best part of any past-present-future,
creating a living border

Humanity, common gardener,
marking the fruits of selfless endeavour
proudly, much like a lover,
creating a living border

Roger N. Taber 2016

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