Friday, 16 September 2016

The Rose Grower

Every child is special just as every child is different; the same might be said for most if not all living things, each and every one with certain characteristics defining its individuality. 

My mother loved gardening. She saw herself as a parent-apprentice to the plants, flowers and wildlife she took under her wing. "It's much like bringing up a family," she once commented wryly, "always plenty to remember more then compensating for plenty to forget..."

This poem is a villanelle.


Proudly, much like a lover
for a flower of its time like no other,
creating a living border

Watching it grow, mature,
as per laissez-faire of Earth Mother;
proudly, much like a lover

Every second, minute, hour,
dreams to share in, store and nurture,
creating a living border

Mixed emotions undercover
yet rising to every occasion (whatever)
proudly, much like a lover

As pupil-apprentice to nature
the best part of any past-present-future,

creating a living border

Humanity, common gardener
marking the fruits of selfless endeavour;
proudly, much like a lover,
creating a living border

Roger N. Taber 2016

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