Friday, 16 September 2016

Firstborn OR Family Matters

I wrote this poem for the daughter of old friends and her husband whose first child was born only recently; hopefully, they will be OK with my sharing it with you.

Every child is special just as every child is different. Nurture involves encouraging a child to find his or her way on life’s learning curve; sadly, some people see nurture and dogma as mutually inclusive and/or try to mould a child in some parental image that fails to take into account the concept of individuality.


Firstborn, evergreen flower
of a summer that will ever endure
in fair memory’s living tower

Once tiny, now see it mature
sweet child of eternal Earth Mother,
firstborn, evergreen flower

Every second, minute, and hour
a life to share in, store and nurture
in fair memory’s living tower

Parental pride, mother and father
to the very life-force of human nature,
firstborn, evergreen flower

Mixed emotions, some undercover,
all that makes a happy home on offer
in fair memory’s living tower

From the off, a person like no other,
a lifetime of ups and downs to discover;
firstborn, evergreen flower
in fair memory’s living tower

Roger N. Taber 2016

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