Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Nature Is as Nature Does (But Human Nature has Choices)

Various species of the natural world - excluding humankind - are more likely to follow their instincts than make reasoned choices; it has to be said though, that we human beings are often out of step with reason and inclined to let our emotions get the better of us, for better or worse.

I once went to a local variety show which, for me, was spoiled by its two compères trying to score points off one another throughout. The audience clearly thought this was an act, and lapped it up. As it happened, I knew better. It was an excellent show, marred only (for me) by these two. (Sometimes, I guess, ignorance really is the better part of bliss.)

Years on, I recall this occasion wherever I see nature and human nature at odds with one another and lookers-on mostly accepting if not applauding it as part of the show. After all, how much better for everyone to sit back and take life as it comes; finding fault can be such a tiresome distraction.

There are times, though, when we need to speak up about how and why we feel let down by events if only for those in charge to tell us (more often than not) to mind our own business and let them get on with theirs. But isn't it our business, too, when we have paid our dues? Oh, and why shouldn't we have the last word if only (hopefully) to prevent the need for repetition?

Where human behavior (good or bad) directly - or even indirectly - affects us, we need to make it our business. Whatever, of course, the show must go on...


Among winter snows,
a cruel north wind blowing,
nature mostly dozing,
perchance to dream, set to wake
once the poetry of spring
reads as if reaffirming its role
as Master of Ceremonies

Where forests once sang
odes to life, love, the spiritual
nature of new beginnings
and hope (yet) for humankind
up for sleepwalking
through all it misty yesterdays,
a live show goes on air

Run tiger. Run, rhino…
and other species under threat
from greedy fingers
in Big Business pies cooking
to a turn in mansions
the less discerning nouveau rich
mistake for social icons

Enter, summer storms able
to provide acres of parched earth
with sustenance enough
to provide for its keepers if only
in the shorter term
while unable to prevent wildfires
raging at the uninsured

Midsummer hols destined
to linger, fall prey to autumnal
appetites for make-believe,
lost opportunities and half-regrets
left transforming tomorrow
and tomorrow…into long winters
of pretend contentment

Among winter snows,
a cruel north wind blowing,
human nature dozing,
perchance to dream, set to wake
once the poetry of spring
starts to read as if usurping its role
as Master of Ceremonies

Copyright R. N. Taber 2016; 2018

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