Thursday, 9 June 2016

Bad, Come Good OR Never let a Sceptic have the Last Word

I have met many people who feel their past is somehow preventing them for having a future, be it a criminal record, a history of mental illness, or quite simply an honest mistake that had unforeseen consequences of the worst kind. Having suffered a BAD nervous breakdown in my early 30’s - among other examples of social mud inclined to stick, not least being gay - I know only too well where they are coming from.

However, I don’t entirely believe in good luck, bad luck or… whatever. We make our own luck, bad luck or…whatever.

When things go wrong, whether or not through any fault of our own, we invariably need help to get back on our feet, take a positive perspective, make amends for our mistakes as far as amends may be possible, get real rather than feeling sorry for ourselves and abdicating responsibility for our future to a world that appears to ‘have it in’ for us. 

True, help is not always on hand or if it is it's not always obvious; more often than not, we have to seek it out and want to seek it out. No, not an easy task, but always well worth the effort.

This poem is a villanelle.


Who say it’s how it is, and should be,
past ever catching out what future brings,
forget it’s present, too, shapes destiny

Inclined to judge us (far) too quickly,
loath to concede a conscience’s redeeming,
who say it’s how it is, and should be

Once the past a prison, breaking free
but a dream for those (on rude awakening)
forget it’s present, too, shapes destiny

Bad making good is beyond the ability
of even the creative mind’s positive thinking
who say it’s how it is, and should be

Learning from mistakes, not always easy,
harder if we heed behind our backs gossiping,
forget it’s present, too, shapes destiny

Call human nature fickle, but essentially
it needs, feeds on love as fair as it is forgiving;
who say it is how it is, and should be,
forget it’s present, too, shapes destiny 

Copyright R. N. Taber 2016

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