Thursday, 7 April 2016

Ringing the Changes

We all grieve for loved ones when they die. While every birthday, anniversary, and other special occasions will be hard to get through, the first is possibly the worst. True, as time passes, it becomes easier to live with loss. But, no, it’s never easy.

Loss, like love, is always with us. Remembering loved ones can be very painful. We miss them so. At the same time, we know they would not want us to be in pain. On the contrary, they would have us be glad for happy times we spent together, celebrate love’s flowering perennial, a petal for every dream we ever had, a leaf for every precious moment of lives much resembling the lights and darks of spreading foliage.

As for grief, we need to let it ring the changes so that moving on may bring us peace of body, mind, and spirit for its leaving no one behind.


Among bells, a single cry in the night,
summoning all my senses to reply
as if to some lonely body taking fright
at having to contemplate it may die

The cry, it painted me a dream one night,
of a graveyard lit by a weepy moon
where someone knelt in a pool of light
as anonymous as the faceless stone

The ghostly figure looked up at the stars,
following a trail never grown cold,
where the bells carried news of us to Mars,
of rediscovering joy in a sorry world

No ghost, only a two-in-one soul ringing
the changes for love, a peace song

Copyright R. N. Taber 2009; 2016

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