Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Majesty, Open Window on an Island History

Today Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11 is ninety years-old, the longest serving monarch in British history. Here’s wishing Her Majesty a very Happy Birthday.

(Photo taken from the Internet)

There will be tributes paid across the world far greater than mine, but I could not let the occasion pass without marking it on the blog.

(Photo taken from the Internet)

Her Majesty at 90 and three kings-in-waiting,
(Photo taken from the Internet)
This poem is a villanelle.


Sixty-four years on the throne,
dedicated to serving her country
a much loved, respected queen

A sunny smile for any occasion
marking milestones of pageantry,
sixty-four years on the throne

Classless greetings for everyone
unfazed by royalty, icon of dignity,
a much loved, respected queen

Her innermost thoughts unknown
to those she serves daily, faithfully,
sixty-four years on the throne

Horse riding, a life-time passion,
imaging a very human personality,
a much-loved, respected queen

No abuse of wealth of position
through years of political history;
sixty-four years on the throne,
a much loved, respected queen

Copyright R. N. Taber 2016

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