Monday, 18 April 2016

Carousel: Life Forces, People Skills, and Hard Choices...

We all experience degrees of  loss, despair and disappointment as we progress through life; many have more than their fair share of all three.  Yet, life goes on and we have to move on with it or let our emotions leave us dragging behind. I have known people who have succumbed to the latter and become very resentful and bitter individuals. While there is no easy route to ‘getting on with life despite everything…’ we all need to find one that is at lease manageable. It will often require courage,  determination, and a LOT of positive thinking.

Most of all, we need to rediscover hope, and re-invent ourselves along the way.


Once, ties that bind
lay broken, the last star snuffed out,
harsh words spoken in anger
stubbornly refusing to be put to rout
by an army of emotions
demanding I stay, put things right
where (without meaning to)
I’d said only what was right for me,
all but forgetting you

Once, ties that bind
lay as corpses under the same sheets
where we came together,
planning our future, listening out
for a dawn chorus
we never heard for words
spilled on your pillow
from lips you had kissed so tenderly
making you turn from me

Once, ties that bind
ran barefoot into a low, misty dawn
without care or thought
for their salvation, crushing them
among dead grasshoppers
in a frenzy of shamed retreat after
hearing you answer, ‘No way!’
for letting the world in on the secret
that we two are gay

Ah, but ties that bind
once broken can yet be repaired
with the patience and skill
brought to lovers the world over
since time began
by those called in with a will to craft
their reconstruction
with tools of its ancient art passed
generation to generation

For every tie left broken by despair,
a choice: move on or attempt repair

Copyright R. N. Taber 2010

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