Monday, 25 April 2016

Epiphany on the Doorstep

Sometimes, when human relationships fall apart at the seams – for whatever reason – I think we give up on them too quickly. If any relationship is worth having, it is always worth at least trying to save. 

Hopefully, the other person will have the same idea.

As for waiting for the other person to make the first move, that’s rarely a good idea if only because the chances are he or she will be thinking along much the same lines.  

We don’t lose face (and far more) by coming forward, only by holding back.

Like many of my poems, this one was inspired by a couple I met by chance in a cafe one day. We got chatting while waiting for the rain to stop. It transpired they were on a second honeymoon after almost divorcing...


We lived a House of Broken Dreams,
where many like us gone before
to salvage what wreckage they can,
among leftovers strewn on the floor

You would hover on the front doorstep,
anticipating the Collector's killing
of once dear (if piecemeal) aspirations, 
swept away, ostensibly for recycling

Wearing a knowing smile, the Collector
(as always) when he makes a call,
would rummage, and then take his pick
of cast-offs, once tagged 'sentimental'

I joined you there, confessed secret fears
(for the future, loneliness beckoning);
you confided yours, we shared hot tears
for a lifetime of deaf-blind reckoning

All but strangers if still the best of friends
(together, yet apart, all our lives);
suddenly, at our House of Broken Dreams,
we glimpsed hope in each other’s eyes

Shared epiphany, as the Collector came by
(once, invited to take what he will)
both agreeing to look home truths in the eye,
cease pretending a penchant for free fall

Needless to say, sending the Collector away,
we lived to let love find a way, win the day...

Copyright R. N. Taber 2008

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