Saturday, 23 April 2016

Blues, Listening Therapy for a Troubled Mind

This may not be one of my better poems (!) but one I enjoyed writing; a reader got in touch to say she was 'an emotional wreck'  (I know the feeling!) and asked for a poem to cheer her up. 

I played around with this poem one evening and sent it. Later, the reader said it had encouraged her to stop feeling sorry for herself and ‘go and find Somewhere Town’.

Years ago when I was struggling to recover from a severe nervous breakdown, an artist friend suggested I listen to some Blues. When I expressed scepticism, he simply said, Believe me. nothing is more uplifting than to know despair is universal and you're not alone.' Another friend (a musician) agreed, insisting that 'The sheer emotional intensity of Blues takes you where you where the mind needs be to start over, way above and beyond where the heart is too scared of losing its safety net to even want to try.' 

That's all very well, I thought, but meaningless...until I spent an hour or so one day listening to some great Blues...

It worked, and I started to get my life back.


I had the Blues,
was close to breaking down.
just kept rolling on
towards Nowhere Town,
heading north of the sun,
veering west at the moon;
be sure there’s a Nowhere Town
for everyone

I sang the Blues,
whole world egging me on,
nowhere else to run
but Nowhere Town;
folks laughed and cried,
didn’t take me for a clown;
be sure everyone  sings the Blues
in Nowhere Town

Through the Blues,
I saw a knowing wink declare,
it’s a dead loss here,
so try going somewhere
south of the sun,
a little east at the moon,
where there’s a Somewhere Town
for everyone

Blues, they don't ever let me down;
destination, Somewhere Town…

Copyright R. N. Taber 2008

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