Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Human Potential, Artiste Extraordinaire

Sometimes if not often, it is easier to deal with if not (quite) face facts by weaving them in more digestible if not (quite) acceptable fictions. In this respect, at least, most if not all of us are (far) more creative than we (or anyone else) might care to believe…


We are many parts
comprising a complex whole,
something of a riddle
to the less discerning person
preferring to home in
on sound, intonation, inflexion
of voice, whether theirs
or not, to having any bigger
picture in sight

Working well together,
we parts of a complex whole
try to compensate
when one fails to properly
connect, hopefully
learning its lesson for failing
to acknowledge
its place in the bigger picture
that’s human nature

Ever up against it,
we parts of a complex whole,
this ‘live’ sculpture
created and recreated, worked
and re-worked
by wannabe Pygmalians
who haven’t a clue
what life is (really) all about,
and rarely get it right

Causing more harm than we mean;
home truths, ever on the turn…

Copyright R. N. Taber

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