Friday, 19 February 2016

Basic Instinct

It is not only gay people who have a problem with sexuality given that part of its whole happens to be sex.  It is not uncommon for people to be wary, even afraid of sex, especially if they have been raised - intentionally or otherwise - in a sex-unfriendly environment. In some homes, sex is still a ‘not in front of the children’ issue so what are children supposed to make of that? Children are not fools; they  are frequently more intensely aware of what goes on around them than many parents or teachers appreciate.

Sex is fun, but sex in the context of human love can also be a very spiritual experience; there is nothing wrong with having fun, and no spiritual experience deserves to be put down simply because it does not necessarily relate to any religious experience.  As I have often said on my blogs, religion does not have a monopoly on spirituality; of all the parts comprising human nature, a sense of spirituality is one that deserves nurture but is all too often neglected where religious or cultural identity have a lesser or no role to play.

Some people, of course, simply have no real interest in sex and that’s OK. Others may well be confused by various socio-cultural-religious attitudes towards sex and sexual identity.

Could we all not benefit from being better educated about sex? (yes, I know I am repeating myself and probably will again.) There would be far less denial, confusion and bad attitude regarding sex if more schools would only discuss it with classes in a manner appropriate to the ages of the children and young people in them. No easy task, I agree, given how many children and young people will laugh and make jokes about sex. Would they perhaps be less inclined to do so, though, if we adults encouraged them to discuss the subject - in all its aspects sensitively and intelligently instead of suggesting it’s really a matter for the birds and bees?

In many cases, by the time any birds and bees get in on the act, most children have an idea in their heads about what sex involves. That idea needs to be expanded, clarified and discussed.

Since many parents find sex if not love too embarrassing a subject to raise with their own children, a family member can be called upon or someone to whom the child or young person can relate and for whom they have affection and respect. All too often, though, this does not happen just as far too many schools also shirk the task of educating their students about where sex fits into the complex jigsaw that is a life comprising love, pleasure, consideration and respect for others (and ourselves) among a gamut of emotions, not least a sense of spirituality. In my case, as regular readers well know, I take the latter from nature, but taking it from religion should not mean sex - as an expression of love and/or desire and/or the need to be physically close to someone for whatever reason - becomes demeaned in any way. In many cases, of course, it isn’t, while in others it most certainly is.

Colour, creed, sex, sexuality, these are part of a whole; it is the whole that counts so the greater our understanding of and respect for that, the better person we are likely to become; better equipped, too, for surviving the jungle that is human nature.

This  poem is a kenning.


I am no foe,
though some consider me so
wherever they go,
whatever path they take
through life,
trudging sadly, skipping madly
or taking wary steps
among minefields left there
for the likes of us

I am a friend,
born to be with you to the end
of life’s journey,
even beyond halcyon days
and nights committed
to memory, transcending
any regret for times past,
inspiring a lasting spirituality
in the likes of us

See me for what I am,
as natural an ally as conscience
since you were born,
always on your side, forever
a trusty guide
(if you will but trust me)
my brief to rise
above any contentiousness
shown the likes of us

Only, acknowledge my integrity
who am called Sexuality

Copyright R. N. Taber 2011

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