Thursday, 28 January 2016

Armageddon, an Artists's Impression

What are we doing to the planet? How many more trees must be felled, wildlife lose their habitats (and lives) on land and in the seas before humankind realizes how short sighted it is being? (The old adage is so true, that we rarely - if ever - appreciate what we have until we lose it.)

Will future generations forgive us? (I suspect with great difficulty if at all.)

It is all very well to acknowledge global warming, but how much longer can we shrug off any blame for it? it? The time to make reparation is by positive action NOW, surely? How many more world conferences and all but meaningless gestures before our politicians risk upsetting this lobby or that and get to grips with the longer-term consequences of playing ostrich?

Too lightly, many people continue to brush such questions and issues aside. After all, they argue, there is plenty of time to save the planet.

Ah, but is there…?

Yes, our politicians claim to empathise with Green campaigners but could they perhaps do (far) more to back up their word with actions…or could it be they are but paying lip service to increasing electorate (and business) concerns?

At school, I once overheard my Religious Education teacher refer to Armageddon as 'the death of plain common sense' to which my art teacher commented that it would be an appropriate theme for graffiti art among the corridors of power just about anywhere in the world. 70+ years on, I am inclined to agree with both.


The sky is red
where once it was blue;
trees turning yellow;
streams, trickles of blood
on a baby's cot...
Time, caught taking a nap
in Earth Mother’s bed

The forest is dead
where once trees grew tall,
birds would nest,
one beast best another
as required…
by nature’s rule of thumb,
its kingdom come

The world, gone quiet
where once people played,
would laugh and sing,
yet sure to best one another
as required…
by nature’s rule of thumb,
our kingdom come

The sky is red
where once it was blue;
trees, turning yellow;
streams, but muddy footprints
left by Earth Mother
seeking the lost children
of Armageddon

Copyright R. N. Taber 2010

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