Monday, 21 December 2015

A Christmas Memory

Christmas is not a happy time for everyone; it is also a time for missing loved ones no longer with us. 

Happiness may not last, but it is never truly lost. The trick is to take stock of happy memories and nurture that happiness ( not add itto a growing heap of regrets) thereby sowing the seeds of an inner peace and love for years to come…

Whatever Christmas may mean and bring to you, here's wishing everyone joy in peace and love always...the joy of an open mind, free spirit and kind heart, no matter what manner of hurt this life inflicts.


I heard a robin singing
just as the dawn was breaking
on Christmas morning,
distant bells (as ever)  promising
Peace on Earth

I saw a couple kissing
where noon was loudly chiming
as if applauding
true love (as ever) promising
Peace on Earth

Dark clouds gathering,
the air, it smelled of snowing
though sunlight glowing
and Christmas roses blooming
Peace on Earth

Time to be leaving,
yet not (quite) so dark our parting,
no matter the years passing,
our love (as ever) an enduring
Peace on Earth

Copyright R. N. Taber 2015

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