Saturday, 21 March 2015

An Affinity with Spring

It is typical of spring to tease us with wintry days among hints of warmer, kinder times ahead; likewise, life, as the human heart emerges from wintry climes, and gets to grips with hope…


New leaves 
sailing into imagination;
peace of mind
in capitulation to fears
of a kind
defying description,
assailing senses,
holding the body, mind
and spirit
captive to anticipation
of the worst that can happen
to any of us

New leaves
drifting through our time
and space
for a place to drop
into that freefall
the more intimate senses
are bound,
serving body, mind
and spirit
to a kinder end
than the worst that can happen
to any of us

New leaves
like voices without sound
on the ear,
killing off all human fear
of life and death
by returning to the earth
past promises
of a springtime, not lost
but sleeping,
Earth Mother intending
its leaves to nurture seeds of hope
in all of us

Buds opening
of an old tree, so delightful
on the eye,
restoring a flagging faith
in the nature
of all things once bright
and beautiful,
demanding we find time
and space
to reconnect
with the poetry of peace and love
in all of us

Copyright R. N. Taber 2015

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