Sunday, 21 December 2014

Scenes from Recycled Christmas Cards

New readers may be interested to know that I regularly add (and remove) a selection new and historical posts/ poems from both my general and gay-interest blogs on Google Plus since a growing number of readers expressed a wish to enjoy the poems without having to browse the blogs:

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Now, every year, for many years, I have written a Poem for Christmas that I send to friends instead of a Christmas card.  They are rarely if even conventional Christmassy poems, not least because I am not religious person, just like to keep in touch with people and cards are so commercial at a time when this should be the least of our concerns, and many people can’t really afford them anyway. I used to send cards just to keep in touch and let people know I was thinking of them, but nowadays we have e-mail…

Why do I write a Poem for Christmas at all? Well, regular readers will know that, although I am not religious, I like to think I have a strong sense of spirituality. Only, I find it in nature rather than any religion, especially as religions are so divisive. (We should respect different points of view, not attack them.) Born on the winter solstice, I dare say there is an element of pagan in me too.

For many people, their religion is a club, ‘Members Only’; it takes the spirit of religion to reach out to non-members too.

So here is my Poem for Christmas, 2014. Whoever and wherever you are, and whatever your Belief or non-Belief, it comes to you in the spirit of Love and Peace.


Clouds, like baggage
on a tramp’s back trudging the sky;
doom-gloom of winter
threatening to extinguish flames
at a roaring hearth,
humanity's way of creating shades 
of kindness

Ghosts, wistfully engaging
in a pillow fight in remembrance
of a Santa Claus
that betrayed every trust created
to reassure us
with mockery of the cruellest blasts
of winter

Snow, like white feathers
heaping accusations on doorsteps
and at windows
where humankind flirts with blame
long enough be acquitted
by cosy fantasies fuelling conscience
in home fires

Tramp in the sky falters
under a load growing heavier, Apollo
pondering whether or not
to join the pillow fighters, kill off
the best snowmen,
leave Christmas to the complacency
of religion  

Frost on the glass
creating a kaleidoscope of life’s pain
and pleasures, urging us
to dwell on the latter, believe
in happiness in spite
of a sorry world’s worst misgivings
about Christmas

Doom-gloom of winter
ever threatened by the fiercer flames
of a roaring hearth,
humanity's way of creating shades
of kindness to pass on
to the next generation in the spirit
of Christmas

Copyright R. N. Taber 2014

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