Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Classroom Consensus OR Planet Earth, Deserving Better

Many thank to those of you who have emailed to wish me a speedy recovery following my recent accident. I am still housebound and cannot put any weight on my left foot so hopping around my flat on a zimmer frame! The nights are not good. But I am coping better during the day with help from friends when they are free. Hopefully I will be well on the way to a full recovery in a few weeks, and I keep telling myself that. I must be patient. Old(er) bones take longer to heal. It has made me realize how difficult life is for people living alone who are incapacitated in one way or another. We take so much for granted, even simple things like making a cup of tea.


Education starts and remains ongoing in the home. School and university are just part of a larger picture. Put a foot wrong, and that larger picture becomes a smudgy mess.

So where are we going wrong? Maybe parents and teachers and just about everyone else in the adult world needs to start listening more to what up and coming generations have to say about the kind of life and world they want to grow up in?

Oh, and what has sexuality to do with anything?

This poem is a villanelle.


So nature’s at war with us
again and again…
Time to make peace

We’re to blame (who else?)
for acid rain…
so nature’s at war with us

Save species, keep trees,
sow more grain…
Tome to make peace

We seize woods for houses
(world population)
so nature’s at war with us

Climate, ignoring countries
in pain…
Time to make peace

Politicians into green issues 
for self-gain
so nature's at war with us,
time to make peace

Copyright R. N. Taber 2008

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