Thursday, 25 September 2014

A Job Half Done OR Blots On Our Landscape

Have you ever been working on something you don’t really believe in, but have no choice…? Once, you may well have fought against it, but reality has a nasty habit of catching up with us and poring cold water over even the feisty flames of rebels with a cause…


Builder, pondering
a job half done, frowning
under a baseball cap…
(Wonder, what he’s looking at?)
Not a wall half done,
but doing battle with eco-warriors
armed with a common principle
to save a green and pleasant land
compromised by bricks
and mortar just such as this, creating
yet more sad office space
in a concrete jungle, parody
of nature

Builder, pondering
a job half done, distant grin
under a baseball cap…
(Wonder, what he’s looking at?)
Not scaffolding  
for brand new offices meant
to keep fat cats happy
once staff won over to the view
that a bird in the hand
is worth two in any hedgerow,
and he should know
with a wife, three kids, behind
with the mortgage

Builder at work
on a job half done, furrows
under a baseball cap…
(Now, what’s he looking at?)
Towers, like trees, touching the sky
where birds fly
like toy airplanes and drop
like sky divers
on the backs of eco-warriors
guarding nature’s own
from all fat cats on the make
that don’t care, don’t have to
live here

Copyright R. N. Taber 2004; 2014

[Note: revised (2014) from an earlier version that appears in 1st eds. of The Third Eye by R. N. Taber, Assembly Books, 2004; revised edition in e-format in preparation.]

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