Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Ghosts, a Love Story

Today’s poem has not appeared on the blog since 2008 and was written for all lovers everywhere whose love, for whatever reason, is frowned upon by family, friends and those who would have us in a socio-cultural-religious stranglehold,

It is high time certain people put their socio-cultural-religious bigotry aside and accepted the fact that we are all equal in a common humanity and that none of us can help with whom we fall in love. Here in the UK, for example, many immigrants bring their historical prejudices with them; the result is many scared boys and girls, men and women having to tread on eggshells between the world from which their families came and the one in which they are growing up. [Multiculturalism is a fine concept in theory; in practice, it has a lot to answer for.]

Love does not recognize the various socio-cultural-religious differences and self-perpetuating boundaries that many societies around the world are inclined to do, including some that profess to be democratic.

As I have said before on the blogs, we should all of us always remember that our differences don't make us different, only human.


At the farthest edge of twilight,
wrapped in a misty sky,
we’d haunt the shores of love,
you and I

We’d pause at its quiet places,
fall into each other’s arms,
enjoy Earth Mother’s embraces,
employ her charms

Let kisses tasting of yesterdays,
closing on us like stars,
shape all the world’s tomorrows
set aside for lovers

Our bodies joined as day to night,
we’d surf life’s raging sea
at the farthest edge of a twilight
hinting at eternity

Come splendid night, we’d lie
and wonder at its glories;
each star, a kiss shared by lovers
in other centuries

At daybreak, dreamers waking
to walk where angels fear
for love where there for the taking,
its enemies ever near

On a cruel sea of local dissent,
among wreaths of flowers,
we were dispatched prematurely
to the stars

At the farthest edge of twilight,
wrapped in a misty sky.
we‘ll haunt the shores of love,
you and I

Copyright R. N. Taber 2007; 2014

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