Tuesday, 25 March 2014

One plus One = Two's Company

Many if not most of us quite often think we could be doing this or should be doing that as if we were unhappy with our lot. Some of us are, of course, and need to following up our words with some real action. For many of us, though, it’s just talk, and we are okay with the way we are and the life we lead...

Could it be because we feel guilty about being happy that we are so wary of admitting it?

Life could always be better, of course. We all have our share of problems. On the whole, though, is life really as bad as some of us seem to be always complaining?  Well, yes, in some cases. Maybe, though, if we complained less and were more positive about life generally, things might improve for all of us and there would be less to complain about? A more positive rather than negative take on each other’s socio-cultural-religious differences would be a good start.

In my experience, the great thing about letting ourselves feel happy is that we find ourselves being more positive about everything and everyone; if we can develop our interpersonal skills along the way and achieve a greater sense of personal as well as social identity, so much the better. Moreover, while it doesn’t necessarily take two to be happy, it helps…


we talked about doing this ‘n’ that
while we played with the cat
as the budgie looked on and the dog
snored away in his basket

we discussed going here or there
while you vacuumed the floor
as I loaded up the washing machine
before we went shopping

we’ll talk about doing this ‘n’ that,
clean out the budgie’s cage,
probably ask the neighbours round
to try out the new Bar-B-Q

we’ll discuss going here ‘n’ there,
then take the dog for a walk
where we’ll be welcome at the pub
and catch up on the gossip

will be very much like yesterday;
shades of self-consciousness
for having far less than some if more
than many…and being happy

As for our arguing points of view,
it’s how one plus one makes two

Copyright R. N. Taber 2010

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