Monday, 10 March 2014

More of the Same OR Not Necessarily So...

Here’s a BIG thank you to all my readers. When I started writing up the blogs, I hoped to reach a few thousand people, but both blogs have now had 53,000+ page views since Google started collecting statistics in May 2010; feedback suggests many of these are regular readers.

Christmas seems light years away. Let us hope 2014 will be a better year for us all. Sadly, for many of us, I doubt whether it will feel much like we are emerging from recession and hardship for some months, even years yet.

All we can do is find a bright side and focus on that as we try to make the best of things rather than dwell on the worst. Despite having to contend with regular bouts of depression, it is something I have always tried to do…with varying degrees of success (and failure).

Did I say it was easy?

May we all find peace and love...this year, and always...keeping mind and heart open to all things and all people.[Well, as far as some people will let us anyway.]


A new year calls to us among the remains
of a Christmas past its use-by date,
discarded wrapping paper a pretty metaphor
for token gestures the world over

Our shame, its magic fading, oh, so quickly
to an everyday ordinariness
(They fade too soon, the laughter and songs
of a world come together…)

Even so, the frailest things may last forever
once touched by love;
so say bodies left for dead on the Gaza Strip
or in tent cities the world over

Wherever a heart beating in time with others,
love will find a way,
though heaping even starker choices upon us
than any Holy Books

To business, recycling pretty wrapping paper
and tearing a strip off humanity
wherever it fails to teach its children respect
for our differences the world over…

Copyright R. N. Taber 2012

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