Saturday, 18 January 2014

Peacemakers, Salt of the Earth

We all need others to help us ease the burdens we carry just as they, in turn, need us. So it has always been and will always be…

Just as we may well find inspiration, comfort, hope…whatever… in words and achievements we find in select pages of history so, too, we should bear in mind that we all become history with each passing moment and what we say or do, great or small, may yet encourage (or discourage) those who come after us to work through any of life’s bad times into its better, kinder ways…


In the rain, acid rain, find them there,
easing the burden of our despair

Let the world roll out its history,
consigning us to memory,
clouds forbid even Apollo to weep;
in my dark, your light I’ll keep
though the flesh little more can stand
yet rejecting Death’s hand,
lessons of history vowing to learn
treading muddy graveyards but softly,
ever wary of disturbing dreams

In the rain, acid rain, find them there,
easing the burden of our despair

Though the world blast into infinity,
find its many life-forms designed
to endure, nurtured by Apollo’s heat
and Earth Mother’s gentler tears
upon its vast, sprawling killing fields
trusting that the  Children of Time
shall rise above to make love not war,
do their best to reassure restless ghosts
fearful of dying all over again

In the rain, acid rain, find us still here,
easing the burden of global despair

Copyright R. N. Taber 2013

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